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Almost 3 years ago, the Universe sent me an angel. Her name is Isabel Valle. When I first met Isabel, I was battered, bruised and probably at the lowest point in my life. Life had no meaning. It was everyone’s fault that I was feeling so miserable and depressed.

Isabel and I would meet once a week for face to face meetings during this time. But she moved away to Bangkok after a few months of us starting our coaching sessions. I didn’t think Skype appointments would work but I must say, that it really hasn’t affected the quality of her coaching or what I’ve been getting out of the sessions with her.

It is fantastic to be able to do Skype now cos I don’t have to travel to go see her and she doesn’t have to make room to accommodate me in her home. And even when Isabel and I were away on holiday, we were still able to have our coaching sessions when it was necessary, from afar. It works perfectly for us.

Meeting Isabel is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is as if I had come out of a coma, and I am now awake. Awakened to my own consciousness. Awakened to who I am. Awakened to my mind that had me trapped for so long. I am nowhere near who I was 3 years ago. I am still a work in progress but now I know.

Isabel asks the tough questions and she makes you connect with your inner self. She has taught me how to identify when the mind has taken over and when the heart is doing the talking. This differentiation has been one of the most important tools that I have right now because it helps me work through the maze of my thoughts, decisions and issues. It provides me more clarity. It has helped me make decisions based on my inner truth and not on my ego, or what my mind makes it out to be.

This journey with Isabel has had so many ups and downs but I’d say, more ups than downs. But it is a worthwhile journey for which I will forever be grateful.

Sophia, Education Industry Director, Brunei Darussalam


“Isabel is an exceptional coach. Her awareness, sense of humour and keen intuition kept me moving forward–toward the best version of myself. Throughout our time together, I made measurable progress in reaching my goals which is, I think, the defining measure of a great coach. Without a doubt, when I need another perspective or help moving through some major challenge in my life, I will choose Isabel.”

Derek Hayes, Vice President of Banking and Executive Performance Coach, US.


Isabel has been the secret ingredient to a successful launch of my new holistic healing business.

With her special blend of enthusiasm, inspiration and experience, Isabel guided me through a profound personal journey that took me from merely wanting to fulfil a dream of being a healer with little idea of how to realise it, through to launching my healing business on a solid foundation of practical business strategies and impactful marketing tools. With Isabel’s wealth of marketing expertise and business mentorship, I have been able to grow my business much faster and more effectively, especially as I still carried the memories of a previously failed business when I began this time.

Along the way she helped me to perceive the value of my offerings, and to overcome my blockages to abundance and putting myself “out there”.

Thank-you Isabel for an amazing journey!

Glenys Earle, Holistic Healer and Wellness Consultant, New Zealand


Isabel is intuitive, encouraging, nurturing and challenging. She was able to balance encouragement with challenge and was always on point. What I learnt from being coached by Isabel is to trust my instincts. My life is extraordinary after Isabel’s coaching.
She is an exceptional coach. I would highly recommend her and I have already. Her ability to challenge in a supportive way, to use her intuition to address what really needs addressing is amazing.

Ngaire Newland, Coach, business owner and programs designer, New Zealand 


“Isabel is a superb coach with the ability to open and relieve your mind and deal with the complex issues of leadership and personal performance. With her guidance and exceptional knowledge Isabel has transformed the way I process information enabling me to be a more creative and dynamic leader. I now approach my colleagues with improved confidence with a focus on empowering them who in turn empower me and ultimately move me forward to “simplifying” end enhancing my life.”

Cameron Lawless, Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Manager, Hospitality, Brunei Darussalam


A Testimonial Letter to Global Room

Catalyst team

The measure of a good speaker is whether or not she could keep the audience engaged for the duration of the talk. The measure of a great speaker, on the other hand, is whether or not she could spark the audience to take action long after the talk is over. It has been three weeks after Ms Isabel Valle coaching session with our team. One of the staff members resigned yesterday. The others who remained, the energy they possessed has been somewhat different since the training. They are more focused, excited and purposeful when they step into the office.

What Isabel instilled in us was a set of principles in finding our own direction and learning how to see the trees from the woods. Perhaps it was the same reason why our staff resigned; to search for her true calling.

Being professional aside, Isabel struck a chord with so many of us because she didn’t just give us case studies; the stories Isabel shared were straight from her heart with true convictions, you simply cannot fake authenticity. Her experiences from her rich corporate background gave her the depth and credibility- especially when it came to Q&A, and her personal triumph against her physical setback inspired us all to climb higher.

With this testimony, I don’t think I am just speaking for myself, not am I merely speaking on behalf of my teammates. But all those audiences who’ve been lucky enough to be coached by Isabel can testify to this.

For those looking for an Executive Coach to transform your company, I cannot provide a higher recommendation.


Shaun Hoon, Growth Engineer at Catalyst


There’ a time in your life

When the world is on your side

You might not feel it

You might not see it

But it surrounds you like a light

Makes you stronger for the fight

Never letting go, believe in yourself .

This is the result of coaching with Isabel . She helped me remove the fog in front of me to become myself. But also understand my operation and move forward without wasting time now . The chrysalis has become a butterfly.

Franck – Project manager at TOTAL


“Isabel Valle…. An angel sent to me when I was at my most desperate. From anger and resentment to peace (there are still ups and downs), acceptance and tools to deal with what is going on around me, these are the wonderful gifts I have received from Isabel.
Isabel was always listening, asking questions that made me shuffle in my seat (on a weekly basis), guiding me, comforting me, holding me when I couldn’t hold myself together anymore. So many lessons learnt from Isabel. She is the voice I still hear in my head, probing me to think, breathe, focus before I react. I always remember “gremlins”, “my responsibility”, “lessons will be sent until I have learn them”!
I am a better person now because of her. She let go of my hands after six months because she believes that I can do it on my own now. She has more belief in me than I could ever have for myself.
She is never about the money, she’s always about the heart. Her heart is always 100% there when she is speaking to me, her listening is always 100%, her questions are always 100% TO THE POINT!
I have learnt to ask myself the same types of questions she would ask me, to challenge all my previously held (perhaps misconceived) notions and paradigms. She has made me aware of the importance of listening to others and understanding the real person whom I am listening to.
The human person isn’t just a physical form but a combination of the spiritual and emotional form as well. I get it now! It makes sense now! It is a concept that is so hard to explain. Isabel never lectures, she never forces me to “Get it!” because I couldn’t. She knew exactly when I needed to hear certain things and would say them at exactly that time. This idea of a complete human form had to be experienced. Isabel helped me do that and I “got it”! I must say that this is one of the biggest revelations of my life and probably the start of my own journey towards transformation.
Because of Isabel, I now try to do my small part to make changes in the lives of teenagers, albeit in small ways. As Isabel always says, just plant the seed, some day it will be used.
Isabel has been truly a God send to me. I cannot even begin to imagine where I will be without her. She gave me the confidence and the tools to continue in life. Most importantly, she gave me the courage to search for my own happiness and my own place in the world. It is a journey that I hope I will learn to enjoy and keep getting better at. Isabel has been the instigator of my journey towards transformation. I know she will continue to make changes in small but wonderful ways wherever she is in the world.”

Sophia Lim, Education organisation Director, Brunei Darussalam


If you have reached the point in your life when you realise you want to change your life one way or the other, seeing a coach is the answer.  I had heard of coaches before, but never thought it could help me or that I needed one to truly believe and discover what I wanted to do in my life. Isabel has been a fantastic person who gave me a complete different perspective on coaching, and has really helped me on my journey. I would recommend Isabel to anyone! I miss going to see her already!

Thanks again.
 Magalie, outstanding expatriate mother and wife in transition onto her true calling in life


“Coaching was a bit of an unknown entity to me and I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I had my first session with Isabel. Hocus Pocus? Counselling? I really didn’t know, just thought it sounded “interesting”!

That was six months ago and I’m now 24 sessions down and can’t recommend Isabel highly enough. The experience has been nothing short of amazing and the growth and knowledge I have about myself and what I’m capable of is wonderful.

Her ability to tap into and bring out the best in a person is remarkable. Not only did we spend some time on my strengths, but also most importantly developing my own mind weaknesses. I have seen my imagination stretched and those thoughts turned into dreams, which have in turn been made goals, which are, now being achieved faster than I ever thought possible.

Both my personal and professional lives are thriving and I feel more confident and stronger than ever.

Thank you Isabel, you have a natural ability to help people grow and I have loved every minute of it, thank you for helping me get to where I am and I look forward to going further in the future! I’m not finished yet!”

Philippa Morris, Health, Fitness Coach and Trainer, Brunei Darussalam


“Isabel was more than I expected from a coach. Not only did she support me on my journey, she challenged me where necessary and listened to me when needed. She let me laugh and rant, complain and celebrate and was always there at the end. Her personality and coaching style fitted me perfectly and anyone else has some big shoes to fill. She is your biggest supporter and you feel sincerity in her believe in you. Nothing is forced or played, and you feel very comfortable for the start. I would highly recommend working with Isabel as her added value to anyone is indescribable.”

Caroline De Kimpe, Divisional Manager, HR, Australia.


“I am so honoured to have you as my coach. You have brought about such change in me. You have pushed me to places I was reluctant to explore in order to release my best self. Most importantly, you get it, you actually get it! No one else has understood fully the far-reaching implications of coaching, especially in an area like this one. Even my family and closest friends do not understand why I’m coaching and how it fits into how I want to see the world. So thank you for understanding and for pushing me to the core. “

Nicole Manuel, Financial Sustainability Coach, US.


“Dear Isabel, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you are doing with your coaching. What I have learnt from you is invaluable, changes are dramatic and I am honestly surprised that I feel like the real woman has emerged!!

Thank you for listening, chatting and sharing with me your thoughts and spirituality. I wish you many blessings in the future. Many many thanks. ”

KK – a truly remarkable soul on her path to make this world a better place with a clear sense of inner peace and happiness.


“I am writing this to share my deepest gratitude and respect for her efforts and intentions in helping me to change. I’m proud to say that CHANGE will not be a hard word for me now because of the transformation assisted from her. It was a great experience!!

Working with her had opened up opportunities that could never be reached with others. Uniquely, the time and effort spent for my attention from her was beyond expectation. Her inspirational commitment, leadership ability, and considerable personality in those sessions were unquestionable. Being able to assist leaders to become firm and flexible at the same time is one of her great strengths in those coaching sessions.

She is very motivated, a great learner and listener, and a person who respect people’s opinion in any ways possible regardless of her clients’ backgrounds and beliefs. Her involvement was amazingly without doubt, always focused mainly in leading people to make great decisions in life and potentially help others achieve their best throughout the own strengths and weaknesses.

She is non–judgmental, inspirational, and determined for any potential leader that she develops to go forward. A very motivated coach who helps people be focused to reach their goals with confidence and accountability. An experience that can never be acquired by others without her words of wisdom and emotional intelligence.

She changed me into a person that I could never imagine to be and helped me be that person I chose to be and the person that I am now!!… And it was a great opportunity to work things that influenced my surroundings into a positive community and ongoing success. It made a huge impact in everything that I do!!!

I am proud to be in those memorable, meaningful and measurable (realistic goals) sessions that have influenced my work and life routines for the past 3 months. She is a person who is equipped with authenticity, honest and flexibility, being able to be genuine in her opinions and beliefs. She has the ability to make learning reflective and significantly meaningful with relation to real experiences. Clients admire her realistic and honest acknowledgments she shared, and they see her as an idol of success and door of opportunities.

The completion of the sessions turns out to be the beginning of more successes for my future endeavours. I highly recommend her for a global coach for leadership and self development, as she can help you reach beyond your limits, with her positive energy and her coaching style. She is a great leader herself and she will lead you through thick and thin to reach your goals collaboratively towards success.”

Suazmie Zulkifli – School Administrator (Government School Leader), Brunei Darussalam.


“Coaching with Isabel Valle:

The truth is that I was not convinced about the coaching value before I started.  I also thought that it was not for me, I considered myself just too pragmatic. But I decided to give a try because at that time, I seriously needed someone to help me tidying up my messy daily schedule.

Being an expat for eight years involved with many freelance projects and a family of four, I was starting to loose my self-confidence. I had the feeling that I was sinking when I met Isabel Valle. I had two big on going projects and I felt completely stuck with anger, disappointment and many other emotions. I was always looking for some kind of gratefulness that I never reach.

I was only expecting Isabel to help me organising my life in a very practical way. I also asked her to be supportive. I was ready to pay someone just to hear that I was doing great! It sounds pathetic but it’s true. She made so much more. She managed to understand my hidden leadership and to get rid of my dark side. She brought back my lost confidence. Isabel simply helped me to think in a different way.

Every session, I had the feeling that she hit the nail right in the head. With simple conversations and some great ideas, she empowered me so much that my whole mental world changed. She gave me the tools I always had inside me but I never used.

She also helped me to regain my assurance regarding my parenting. Because I was lost in this lack of esteem crisis, I found it really hard at that time to deal with my two boys (4 and 8). In this area, she also gave me amazing tips to regain my authority. I am not lying : from one fortnight to another, our whole family atmosphere went up side down! And we are all much more happier now. It’s priceless.

It has been six months since I stopped my coaching session with Isabel Valle and there is not one single I don’t use one or several of her “fabulous mental tip”. I will definitely recommend her coaching session.

Cecilia Castilla, Freelance Journalist and Published Author, Brunei Darussalam


“I had 6 sessions with Isabel as part of my Peer Coaching exercise. Even though the coaching duration short, I learnt a lot. She helped me to realize my goals and streamline the same. The Core values exercise I have done gave me a lot of insight within me. It was a great experience. With simple ideas she helped me monitor the food I take and that helps me to focus on my goal of staying fit. I originally felt that I couldn’t coach people on several areas like financial planning etc… She helped me remove that mental block and helped me to get more clarity. I will continue use the metaphor she gave me that is “The Driver and the Navigator” whenever I am struck with any mental blocks. Thanks Isabel for those 6 wonderful sessions…”

Jerry Rajamoney, Software Program Manager and coach, India.


“Over the 12 weeks I learnt I can use my personal skills to get the career in Occupational Therapy I want. I realize now that I do have skills and life experiences to guide and help people in the way I want to. Before Isabel I never heard of Occupational Therapy or that it would mold so well with my ‘talents’. I am 100% committed now to get to where I need to be with regards to my career and before I started coaching I was so confused as I what I wanted to be and how to get it. A surprise for me was how well I took to the visualization techniques and how much I enjoyed them. I have never meditated until I met with Isabel and she has shown me how quick, easy and how much it can help my mind. I will definitely continue with these techniques.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Isabel for her patience and kind words. We discussed some very personal and emotional things and she never passed judgement or did I have ever feel judged. The 12 sessions were like a big breath of fresh air and I felt within that hour I could say or do anything. Isabel made me feel very comfortable and also very special as an individual, as I have previously said she told me my talents are not the norm and not everyone would want to care, nurture and give love to people outside the family network. Without Isabel I would not know what I have truly been destined to do with my life and how to get there. I owe this to Isabel and will always be grateful for her friendship. Thank you again Isabel.”

Sam Mason, Expatriate mother and wife, Brunei Darussalam.