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The world is getting smaller and our communities are becoming more diverse. We find ourselves moving half way around the globe on expatriate assignments, engaging in a cross-cultural relationship or partnership, running a virtual business with employees overseas, and managing intercultural teams. What is the secret to success amidst all this diversity? How can we manage frustrations in our expatriate lives and be effective across cultures?

Currently 1 out of 3 expatriate assignments fails or terminates early. The two main reasons given are failure to understand and fit in with the local culture and the inability to make the new location feel like home.

Both of these issues can be addressed by a structured expatriate coaching service, in making sure that the expatriate creates a new “home” away from home, and is provided with support, specially for the accompanying spouse.

I am passionate about helping people succeed.  My goal is to empower you to succeed. You will leave the coaching session feeling energized, validated, clear on what steps to take next, and empowered to pursue your passions. The results are transformational and life changing.

If you are considering making a commitment to changing and improving your life, either personally or professionally, then let me help you create an exceptional interactive learning experience. Simply drop me an email or give me a call so we can set up a complimentary discovery session at a mutually convenient time. And if you are interested in getting additional insights about coaching and inspirational resources to keep you moving forward, then Like Me on Facebook at globalroom.

Your life will never be the same if you are ready to invest in yourself, explore, dream and create your best life yet. Coaching helps you maximise your potential and create a success mindset to allow you to perform at your best in any areas of your life.

It is time to take responsibility for your own life and actions, for achieving goals you never thought possible, for living the life YOU desire… The decision is yours!


Why choose me?

Originally from Spain, I now live in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. I have lived and worked in many different places and countries across 3 continents over the last 18+ years. I thrive through change, adaptation and integration into new environments or roles, immersion into new cultures, creation of new support networks and routines, relationship pressures, cultural diversity and finding “yourself” in a complete new place. I am very familiar with all challenges faced by global citizens, and I can relate to global issues. I know first hand how hard it is to arrive in a strange country and have to start building a new life for yourself, and I would have loved the support of an expatriate coach to make my settlement process a lot easier. As a result of my experiences I now offer a combination of practical and emotional support to help you or your employees and their families to not just survive the ride, but to actually enjoy it.

I have also been the frantic Executive and I have been the stay-at-home Mum. I know the pleasures and pitfalls of each stage and the struggle it is to try and do it all. I have experienced the challenge of trying to please everyone else and still have some time for yourself, and having see-sawed wildly, I now have goals that are realistic and achievable and I am much happier for it, and I would like to help you achieve that balance in your life too.

My personal experiences, my advanced certified and accredited studies in this area and my on-going professional development have equipped me with some great tools which I know can work for you too, and I also have the advantage of working with clients from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, which helps me learn constantly something new.

If you are ready for change then contact me on +66 0625 417 477 or email me here to arrange a no obligation consultation to discuss how we can work together to help you succeed and excel at all levels.

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You create your life, you create your future.
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