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DISC Profiling and Analysis

I am a certified DISC and Human Behaviour Consultant, and I provide DISC profiling and assessment to individuals and groups within an organization. DISC is considered one of the top behavioural tools in the market, as it gives you not only an understanding of how you are perceived by others, but it also gives you a language (or set of terms) to discuss your behaviour, communication, style of working and reactions. It is the ultimate ‘mirror on the wall’ that explains what everyone else can see: the surface level of who you are – your behaviour.




DISC is one of the most applicable models in personal and organisational development. It is powerful. For this reason, DISC is one of the world’s most popular assessment tools. DISC is a four (4) factor model that explains how we behave and communicate. The DISC language is simple, yet it is capable of improving communication, building relationships, increasing self awareness and awareness of others, reducing conflict, as well as building trust, cooperation and commitment. DISC profiling is used by an estimated 75% of the Fortune 500 because of what DISC delivers. It continues to be the most popular choice for professional development as well as recruitment and selection.


The DISC tool is very easy to use. The online questionnaires take only 10 minutes to complete. The results are used for:

  • organisational development
  • leadership development
  • team development
  • sales/team/management training
  • individual development
  • recruitment / internal transfers
  • coaching
  • performance management


Among many other benefits of using DISC are…

  • Better hiring decisions
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Better utilisation of individual strengths
  • Enhanced communication
  • Better sales results
  • More efficient team work
  • More effective organisation
  • Better management decisions
  • Better business plans
  • Better business results!


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