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Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to have very insightful conversations with leaders across all industries in Brunei Darussalam. My purpose in wanting to engage in these conversations was to understand people’s issues and needs when it comes to leading themselves and others, as I feel really passionate about creating material that is relevant and customized to people’s needs; so identifying top critical issues faced by leaders would give me a great platform from which to start creating workshops and seminars that would address those issues.

Among many answers, one of the most common ones was that some managers feel they are unsure as to what leadership is all about, and how to transition into a leadership role. In some cases they have been instructed to take ownership of their roles and “become leaders”, with scarce guidelines and resources as to how to go about it.

I believe that there are so many different resources and information regarding leadership out there, that we have created an expectation that in order to be a leader we need to be exceptionally well educated in the subject, practised incessantly for decades, and have a proven record of having consistently achieved outstanding results…. NO PRESSURE!!

If I was to hold such expectation of today’s leaders, I wouldn’t want to be one, nor would I believe I could ever become one!

Leadership is a lot more basic and fundamental that we make it out to be. If you feel passionate about something, and have a firm belief in people’s capabilities and potential, then you either are or can be a leader.

Without your passion, people won’t be able to find the motivation necessary to achieve any goals, and without trust and belief in your people, they won’t want to operate at their best. Simple!

If you are looking at transitioning from a manager into a leader, start paying a bit more notice to your people, how you treat them, whether you believe in them, whether you are able to clearly communicate your needs and goals, wether you have developed trust and rapport amongst all team members, whether you have a consented set of behaviours by which you all operate at work, or core values, and whether they all understand your vision and are willing to help you reach it.

Of course there is a lot more to leadership than this, and new theories and models are being developed constantly; but sometimes, simple, small steps are the best way to want to start something, to start believing that you can do something, and to initiate change.

Leaders are not born or made, leaders are self made. Anyone can be a leader, you can be a leader. Stop listening to those who think you can’t, and start listening to that inner voice that believes you can. Whenever possible, surround yourself with like-minded people, people who see the goodness in life and the gifts and talents in others, as you will find an immense source of motivation and encouragement to do those things you want.

I will be covering others aspects of leadership in the coming weeks and months, based on the feedback I received. But if you would like me to talk about anything specific regarding leadership or organizational culture in general, then email me here, or leave me a message via Facebook here.

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Isabel Valle ACC ACTP

Executive and Leadership Coach, mentor and facilitator

Founder of Global Room

“Coaching for Leadership, for Growth, for Success”